The Easiest Way TO Run Your Entire Performing Career

Did you know that Holdon Log is the parent company of PerformerTrack? This the ONLY online application that truly manages EVERYTHING you do as a Performer.

Day in and day out performers all over the world rely on their PerformerTrack accounts to log, track and manage their Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings (from Pre-Production through Post-Production to Cast & Crew and beyond), Contacts, Appointments (Classes, Workshops, Screenings, etc.), Income & Expenses (a relief at tax time), and so much more! 

However, it's one thing to enter information in and be more organized... It's another thing to finally see what is working and what is NOT working for you. PerformerTrack constantly takes ALL of your BIG DATA and crunches your information into clear to understand statistics.

Select a date range and always know things like your Callback Rate, Booking Rate, your Agent's Success Rate, what those "Click-n-Submit" companies are really doing for you, know at the click of a button the the last time you saw that Casting Director... and so much more!