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"Chapter 15:
Auditions & Screentests


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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "How To Be A Working Actor" (the book that's been aptly dubbed "The Bible of the Biz") acclaimed co-author and former Head of Casting for ABC/NY, Mari Lyn Henry, goes in-depth into "Chapter 15: Auditions And Screentests".

Chapter Topics Covered in This Webinar:

✔ The Do's & Don'ts for Auditioning (Monologues & Scenes)

✔ Smart Choices for Monologues & Scenes

✔ Auditioning for Theatre

✔ The Role of the Reader

✔ Auditioning for Commercials

✔ Auditioning for a Soap Opera

✔ Auditioning for a TV Series

✔ Auditioning for a Film

✔ The Facts of Life for a Performer


1 Hour and 27 Minutes