Personal Customization

It's great to see your name up in lights, but it's another thing to see it on the front cover of your very own Holdon Log. First name, last name, nickname - you name it, we'll print it!! This also makes a GREAT GIFT IDEA!

NOTE: You can choose to add Personal Customization when purchasing logbooks in the Holdon Log Shop. There is an automatic $5.00 customization fee for each Holdon Log Book ordered with Personal Customization.

Customized Holdon Log Logbooks are printed on the 1st and 15th of every month - then shipped immediately!

DO YOU NEED IT SUPER-DUPER FAST (Shipped Overnight)?: Under a time crunch to get this as a gift? No worries! Let's see if we can do it for you! Contact us and let us know when you need your customized logbook order.

CORPORATE CUSTOMIZATION: There is no better way to brand your Entertainment Industry-related company than with Holdon Log Logbooks with Corporate Customization - click here to learn more!


  • Actors' Holdon Log
  • Background Artists' Holdon Log
  • Booked Projects Holdon Log
  • Live Performers' Holdon Log
  • Models' Holdon Log
  • Pageant Planner Holdon Log
  • Submission Tracker Holdon Log
  • Young Actors' Holdon Log