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"Chapter 5:
Training Is Everything


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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "How To Be A Working Actor" (the book that's been aptly dubbed "The Bible of the Biz") acclaimed co-author and former Head of Casting for ABC/NY, Mari Lyn Henry, goes in-depth into "Chapter 5: Training Is Everything".

Whether you decide to get a B.F.A, opt for a four-year conservatory program, head for the major Industry centers after high school graduation, pursue a master's degree, or select your own curriculum of specialized acting classes, you will always be learning and growing during rehearsal, performance and between engagements. Training is everything that helps you prepare for the audition, get the job, and keep it.

Chapter Topics Covered in This Webinar:

✔ The Value & Importance Of Training

✔ Industry Showcases: What To Do & What NOT To Do

✔ Auditioning For Graduate School

✔ Conservatory Training

✔ On-Camera Training

✔ About The Alexander Technique

✔ Training The Speaking Voice

✔ Learning Dialects

✔ Improvisation


1 Hour and 22 Minutes