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"5 Ways To Make A
Positive First Impression
With Casting Directors

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This is a 'must-see' Webinar! Too many promising careers are cut short because of blowing that first impression with a Casting Director. DON'T MAKE DEVASTATING MISTAKES THAT CAN HARM YOUR PERFORMING CAREER...

Learn from the best! Mari Lyn Henry, former Head of Casting for ABC/NY & acclaimed author of "How To Be A Working Actor", delves into the art of making a powerful first impression with Casting Directors!

What's Covered:

✔ Office Personnel:
How To Treat Them

✔ Research:
What To Research & Why

✔ During A Meeting:
The Do's & Don'ts

✔ When To Leave:
Respecting A Casting Director's Time

✔ You Are What You Wear:
Getting Your Act Together


1 Hour and 10 Minutes