The Original Audition Log Since 2001 

Holdon Log has been the #1 paper-based logbook provider for performers for 15 years. 

Our ever-popular Actors' Holdon Log started it all, allowing performers to easily log, track and manage their Auditions & Callbacks in one place.  

Since then Holdon Log has not only expanded its line of logbooks... but has also consistently grown as a company to ultimately become the Entertainment Industry's most trusted source for products and services that facilitate the business-side of Show Business.

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From Actors to Voice Over Artists... 
From Live Performers to Models...
Whatever you do, we have you covered!
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Have your name (or nickname) printed on the front of your very own Holdon Log. Learn about Personal CustomizationWe also do Corporate Customization as well!

The Perfect Gift

For holidays, birthdays, or perhaps as a "Thank You"... Giving the gift of performer organization will be appreciated every time their Holdon Log is used!