Audition Game Plan: The Master Class


Audition Game Plan: The Master Class


"Audition Game Plan:
The Master Class"

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In this powerful AND entertaining On-Demand Webinar you will learn the art of going into every Audition from now on with a step-by-step strategy to give you the upper-hand over others Auditioning for the same Role as you. You will see an Audition torn apart from beginning to end, thus creating an 'Audition Game Plan'! The knowledge you will gain from this seminar should GREATLY increase your Callback and Booking Success Ratios! This is the FULL, MASTER CLASS. You DON'T want to miss this! Click here to see more details...


2 Hours and 12 Minutes


After you purchase the Webinar you will instantly receive an e-mail containing an access link to download the video (it's a ZIP file containing 2 video files "Part 1" & Part 2"). You must download the ZIP file within 24 hours of purchase.