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"Stop Wishing & Start Working:
Ways To Get Agent & Casting Director Workshops,
Panels & Industry Showcases to Really Work for You"



In the world of Casting Director Workshops, Panels and Industry Showcases it takes a very calculated plan to make them worth your time, money and energy! 

From "Project Type Focus" to creating true & lasting Industry "Connections" - much is covered. The knowledge you will garner from the strategies discussed in this Master Class will forever change the way you approach Workshops, Panels and Showcases. You DON'T want to miss this!

What's Covered:

✔ Learn, Step-By-Step, a Roadmap on How to Increase Your Odds of Getting Positive Results Out of Doing Them

✔ How to Select ONLY the RIGHT Ones Specifically for You.

✔ Research Techniques to Finding the "Right" Agent to Get You on the "Right" Shows.
✔ Knowing When an Agent NEEDS You and Why.
✔ Dollars & Sense: The Key to Sticking to Your Target List.
✔ Discovering a Casting Director's Niche and Why It Is Important to Know.
✔ Getting "Alerts" for Those on Your Target List.
✔ The What, How & Why You Need to Do a "Preemptive Strike".

✔ Following-Up (via Postcard or Email): What to Say and When to Say It.

✔ Discovering a Casting Director's Niche and Why It Is Important to Know.

✔ What You Need to Do With All of Your Contacts at Least 4 Times a Year.

✔ Learn Why You Need to Target the Agents/Managers Who Currently Rep You.

✔ How You Build Your Contacts & Turn Them Into "Connections".


2 Hours and 15 Minutes



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