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Webinar Hosting Services

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System Use, Registration Pages, Registration Lists, Registration Reminders, etc. 

We will set up not just one Webinar – but rather, we will set-up 2 Webinars for you! This way you can do the Webinar in the morning and another Webinar in the evening for example to get more people participating in what you have to offer. 

If you would like us to set up these Webinars for you this is what we will do…

1.)    Create the registration pages for your Webinars with the description of the Webinars and any images you would like to include.

2.)    Create the registration sign-up form that you can customize with any questions you wish (for example - asking them if they are an Actor, Screenwriter, etc… asking them if they already have a passport, etc.)

3.)    When the registration form is filled-out and submitted you will get in real-time their information in your inbox. So that you can add them to your mailing list.

4.)    Send a webinar reminder 1-hour prior to all registrants – which will include Webinar access instructions.

5.)    Do a 1-on-1 session with me over the phone to go over how to use our Join.me account (the webinar system) and how to allow people to ask you questions via audio, use the built in chat app to ask questions that way, and more.

6.)    Send you the final list of all registrants in an Excel file.

7.)    The Webinar registration page (beyond putting it out in the solo-send with us) is something you can Tweet out, push out in Facebook, promote to your mailing list, etc. You would want to go as big as you can with it I would think.

NOTE – Our Join.me account allows for up to 50 meeting participants per Webinar. You can record the sessions (up to 5GB which should be plenty)… but, to be honest, the recording we have found is VERY sub-par – the audio quality is no good as they really condense the heck out of it. This is why we don’t bother with recording our live webinar events.