As the saying goes, the level of success of a business can hinge on...

"Location, Location, Location."

Well, believe it or not, your Callback Success Rates can be directly impacted simply by the Casting Location of your Audition. 

Imagine if you were able to run a report on your Acting career and see which specific Casting Locations you do not do well at.

Well, you don't have to imagine. You can run Location Reports in PerformerTrack!

PerformerTrack's "Location Overview Report" can forever change the way you approach future Auditions at the Casting Locations where your Callback rates are low so that you can reverse the trend.

If you are NOT doing well at certain Casting Locations then start asking yourself "why?".


Is the parking situation there stressful because there is no lot or garage? Do street parking restrictions make it difficult? If so, then make sure to give yourself more time than you usually do to attend Auditions at that Casting Location to remove the stress component of parking which can easily ruin an Audition.


Does this Casting Location have a large waiting area where other performers are distracting your focus? Then check-in and try to duck out away from the distraction. If there is nowhere to duck-out to, then close your eyes and mentally prepare for the Audition.


If your Auditions are taking place at a studio and your stats are underwhelming then could it be the sheer distance you must walk from the parking structure, through security, then to the casting office that is throwing you off? Make sure you give yourself ample time to do the 'studio hike' and freshen up in the restroom at the casting office. For women, perhaps wearing comfortable footwear to the Casting Office and then changing to heels in the waiting room would do the trick. 

There are MANY reasons why just a Location alone can adversely affect your Callback & Booking Success Rates. But without tracking your Auditions, you would never see the trends... and you would keep wondering why your Auditions are NOT going as well as they should be. That's just one of many reasons why PerformerTrack is such an important tool for your performing career!