"I don't live in Los Angeles, NYC or London. How am I supposed to find performing work? If I knew how to find work, then I'd use PerformerTrack, but there's no work so what can I do?"


We get this question a lot in emails, at seminars and during the Q&A portions of our live webinars.

Finding work in "slower" areas is actually easier than you think... and for those of you reading this in Los Angeles, NYC or London saying to yourself... "Well, I don't even have a enough work here!", then we think you'll also enjoy this new series...

Go get a gig... and not just ANY gig, but the gig you WANT without leaving your family behind, without packing up your car and heading out on a road trip.

In this first installment, let's tackle, working in FILM.


We all know this is a relationship business right? You aren't going to get work by sitting at home watching your favorite movies on IFC, Sundance Channel or through Netflix or Hulu.

Additionally, if you are trying to get acting work in say, Podunk, Iowa (insert your current tiny city or town), by clicking and submitting for auditions that are taking place in Los Angeles, NYC or London you are giving yourself two BIG obstacles...

1. These folks in the BIG CITY don't know you
2. Even if they were interested in having you audition how would you cover your airfare, hotel, car rental, child care, pet sitting, airport transfers, etc.?

So here's are 4 tips for this months' get the gig you want in FILM!


Where you live, what are the closest film festivals? Where and when are they happening? Go to Google, type in "Film Festival" + "your city", or the biggest city near your city.

Visit the Film Festival Websites, add the dates in your PerformerTrack Calendar.

Sign up for Festival's e-mail newsletter. Register to attend the Festival... it doesn't matter that you don't know a soul or don't have a project screening, immerse yourself in the Festival!

Before the Festival get your business cards in order, update your headshots, your resume, your website... haven't done that, need them? Make sure you pay attention to our IndustryDeal.com daily e-mails so that you can SAVE BIG and get these basic, tax-deductible marketing materials in order before the Festival.

Attend as many screenings, Q&A's and social events as possible and meet people. Put on your "welcome to my area" face and reach out to attendees who might not be from your neck of the woods, give them local suggestions, meet them for coffee, etc.

For the locals, make sure you inquire about local networking events for AFTER the Festival... (i.e. - the upcoming weeks and months). If they say there's nothing going on... guess what? It's time to start your own Meetup.com group before the Festival, visit the website and watch the trailers of those attending, look up the Industry professionals on IMDb.com and other social networks, introduce yourself, ask if they are attending "such and such event", or ask them if they'd like to meet for coffee at a nearby hotel lobby, local coffee shop, etc. Provide them with a link to your website with your demo reel, your headshots, bio, resume and other career info.

After the Festival. Add their contact info to your PerformerTrack account (it is IMPERATIVE that you get their contact info). To make sure you do get their contact info use our FREE ShowBizCards by bringing them with you to the Festival and all the events and set an appointment in PerformerTrack to follow-up with them. What are they working on? Did they enjoy themselves in your area? Let them know you are looking to expand your contact and career opportunities from your "little town".


Where you live, where is the local Film Office?

Go to Google, type in "Film Office" or "Film Commission" + "Your City" or the biggest city near your city.

Go to their website, sign up for their newsletter. Add their Company Name, website and other details in the Contacts section of PerformerTrack. Make sure you sign up to attend their events. Do they have seminars? Screenings? Workshops? Classes? Even if the subject matter sounds boring, over-your-head, or not what you really want to do - GO! Go and meet these people, exchange contact info, look for leads... people, events, casting information. Let others know you are a professional, what your true passions are and how you might collaborate together.

This is your local community, so get out there and support it. Do they need someone to assist with checking people in at events? Are they looking for an intern? Do they need someone to help out at upcoming auditions? Even if you are not auditioning (yet) be the performer who reaches out to help out. Meet others who might live near your TINY TOWN and offer to carpool with them to then next event. Initially you may have to commute an hour or two, but make a friend and come out of your shell.


Where you live, who else is creating content in your area? Hmmm... are there local Meetups for Filmmakers? 

Check out Meetup.com, enter in your zip code and look for Content Creators, Filmmakers, Entertainment Industry Pros, Short Film and even Web Series Fans.

Create a zesty profile. This means putting up a photo, links to your demos, bio and resume. Register for the next event, and go!

Bring your ShowBizCards. Ask around who is working, who is in pre-production. Is there are table read coming up? Do they need a PA? When are auditions? Put it out there. 

After the Meetup. Add their contact info to your PerformerTrack account, you MUST get their contact info. and set an appointment in PerformerTrack to follow-up with them. What are they working on? Did they enjoy themselves at the event? Let them know you are looking to expand your contact and career opportunities from your "little town".


Where you live, who else is creating content in your area? Hmmm... are there any Colleges or Universities with film programs?

Go to Google, type in Film Making Program + College (or University) + your city or the biggest city near your city.

Find out who is the head of the department and e-mail them, or call them and introduce yourself.

Know what you want to say... write out a short script to have with you when you make the call. For example:

"Hello this is Joe Performer, I'm an actor in (YOUR TINY TOWN). Is there a list I can get on for auditions with the film students? Do you need actors to work on scenes in class with the directors? I've previously worked on 'xyz project' (or I'm starting out and looking to expand my contacts and my resume). I'm looking to work on productions to get clips to add to my demo reel. I'm often cast as these types of characters..."

Join their email list, mail in your headshot & resume, send photo postcards to the department head and any other contacts at the college/university. Be the performer they think of when there's an acting opportunity in their classes.


So what are your thoughts? What targeted action DAILY are you going to take? 

Let us know! Leave a comment below.